The Usine extraordinaire event: Engie partner of Sanofi

Engie is taking part in the first edition of the Usine Extraordinaire event in partnership with Sanofi, from 22th to 25th November at the Grand Palais in Paris. The opportunity to discover Blu.e and its energy optimization use case for factories.



Energy optimization to improve environmental performance

Digital revolution, energy transition, industrial transformation, industrial companies mutated to integrate digital into their production and distribution of utilites, to meet environmental standards… By its ability to deploy innovative technological solutions on a large scale, industry represents today a chance to respond to the key challenges it faces.

Through 4 universes “Inventer“, “Fabriquer“, “Connecter” and “Partager“, the Usine Extraordinaire event has been designed as an immersive journey behind the scenes of the factory: interactive experiences, meetings with all types of employees profiles working in the industrial sector, virtuel reality, educational activities, industrial machinery and conferences…

Engie will be into the universe “Fabriquer” on the Sanofi booth. Discover how digital energy monitoring allows teams to run equipment under optimum conditions. Optimum setting points are defined and operating rules allow monitoring the usages of electricity, fuels and reducing CO2 emissions, thus ultimetely contributing to a better environment.


A journey to discover the factory of the futur of Sanofi

Sanofi’s factory of the future and its technological and industrial partners was created to understand and experience how digital technologies are involved in all stages of the drug’s life, from conception to distribution.

The aim of this universe is to recreate the atmosphere of a real plant composed of women and men, machines, production lines… 11 experiences about digital to enjoy: energy optimization, digital twin, augmented reality, control tower, collaborative robots, virtual reality, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence…

A plethora of experiences, discoveries and extraordinary encounters, free and open to all!


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50 000 visitors expected

13 000 m2 to show the plenty and modernity of industry

Under the auspice of FACE the Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion


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