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Systems approach, IPMVP, rebound effect: stop being engaged in shady dealings! Special report, method, tribune... to be in your element.

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Table of contents

The importance of a systems approach in industrial energy performance
Management necessarily entails real-time information and constant adjustment. An aircraft flight recorder records over 1,000 parameters. But in even a small factory, the number of parameters will be ten times as high! The solution? Systems thinking.
Control energy efficiency with the IPMVP methodology
A close-up look at the IPMVP
Beware of the rebound effect!
Energy saving initiatives often trigger a rebound effect. What can we do to avoid it?


• Thierry Beaussé, energy engineering expert
‎• Jean Vieille, expert in automation and information systems
• Thierry André, lean manager & lean energy manager
‎• Christophe Gaume, expert in energy engineering and founder of EcoTerraWatt


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