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Optimize the energy efficiency of your production plant

Are you the production engineer on an industrial facility responsible for the correct operation of its equipment? Do you observe some variations in performance?
It is not easy to have a clear view of things with the mass of available - and not always accessible - data in the various systems.

Facing these challenges, many production engineers have put their trust in blu.e for improving the operation and monitoring of their facility’s energy performance.

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When they define energy performance targets and the operating conditions for achieving them,

they can do a graphical analysis of the facility’s historical performance.


When they are troubleshooting or looking for solutions for improvement,

they can analyze variation in performance through to a powerful big data tool for processing the system’s operating data.


During the everyday operation of the facility,

they can ensure that the operators apply operational standards, with the help of the dynamic display of recommended settings in the control room.


During the periodic tracking of their key energy performance indicators (energy KPIs),

within a single application they can compare two sets of data and identify the discriminatory factors to explain a significant variation of performance over two periods of time.


On a permanent basis,

they manage and make full use of the facility’s operating data, aggregated on secured servers and available for them to exploit.

quote The process engineer of a materials production site has to deal with the periodic malfunctioning of his equipment. When it happens, how can he investigate the thousands of variables in his system in order to quickly detect the anomaly?

Examples of issues faced include rebooting and stabilizing the process after maintenance stops. They cause major losses in terms of production quality and quantity. By comparing two sets of data, for instance several hours of correct operation before the stoppage and several hours of problematical operation afterwards, the engineer can highlight the most discriminating variables. During the last stoppage, he was able to immediately diagnose the poor performance of a flow-measurement probe that was essential for regulating the system.

With the blu.e comparator, the engineer can deal with any possible malfunctions in a calmer way as he knows that he has a powerful diagnosis tool. His plant manager is extremely satisfied because he is able to observe in operating accounts how the costs of poor quality or production losses have been avoided.