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Manage your energy project and mobilize all levels of your organization

Are you in charge of managing cross-discipline improvement in energy performance for your department, within the framework of ISO 50001 certification or for any other reason?
Obtaining information is your major challenge. How do you gather, analyze, exploit, and share information in an efficient way in order to follow up the actions and results of your project, when your organization and IT systems work vertically?

To take up these challenges, numerous energy managers have trusted blu.e to help them manage their energy efficiency projects.

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When they establish reference consumption levels with respect to energy savings goals set by management,

they can provide to every manager with a compared analysis of historical and nominal performances within their scope.


When they heighten the awareness of energy policy and goals at every level of the organization,

they can easily configure a dashboard for monitoring energy KPIs that is adapted to the measurement and follow-up of energy performance for each activity manager.


During cross-functional operational meetings,

they can analyze during the meeting the factors influencing variations in energy KPIs through a powerful big data tool for processing system operational data and can immediately decide on corrective actions.


During energy reviews,

they can identify, prioritize, and save all potential improvements in energy performance using the visualization features.


When preparing management reviews,

they do not lose any time collecting information and can focus on the analysis through the online monitoring of energy KPIs and corrective or improvement actions.

quote The energy project manager of a chemicals production site experienced problems in defining energy KPIs and related target values that would allow him to observe the everyday performance of his plant.

The analysis of historical production, energy consumption, and facility operation data over a one-year reference period led to the definition of 15 model production scenarios (base material used, manufactured product reference, outside temperature, and production lines used) and related energy consumption targets.

With the blu.e analysis and monitoring solution, the project manager can motivate the company's activity managers to take responsibility for the energy efficiency approach requested by top management, thanks to a performance monitoring system that reflects their own reality and faithfully measures the results of their improvement actions.

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