Find the best techno-economic ratio
for your facility and achieve it

Plant manager


Make energy savings without any investment

Are you in charge of a plant, responsible for its financial profitability?
Are you unable to ensure that its operation is always close to optimal energy consumption while operating crews and operational conditions are constantly changing?

To face these challenges, many plant managers have put their trust in blu.e to optimize their plant’s dynamic management.

Find out how our customers
achieve their goals


When they define their targets and energy action plans,

they can make a comparative analysis of their facility’s historical and nominal performance.


Every day,

the operating team on-site can analyze and understand the gap between nominal and real performance through a powerful big data tool for processing the system’s operating data, and directly transfer instructions to the control rooms.


On a continuous basis,

operators have access to a dynamic display of recommended settings in the control room, enabling them to maintain the plant at its stable operational optimum.


Every day or week,

all the facility’s energy players receive by email a customized energy dashboard for their own scope of activity.


During rounds of manual meter-readings,

the technicians in charge can save time because their meter-readings are instantly digitized and stored in the database, reducing the risk of errors in data capture.

quote The manager of an energy recovery facility had reached the facility’s loading limit and was wondering whether he should invest in a new incineration line. Management refused his investment request because of the uncertainty of the project's profitability.

The hourly monitoring of indicators showed that from time to time the facility produced 15% more steam compared with what was believed to be the maximum value. The big data analysis of all operating parameters of the system during those times allowed him to reproduce and stabilize performance over time.

With the blu.e big data analysis solution, the manager avoided making further investment and improved the facility’s profitability.

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