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Industrial manager


Manage the individual and overall energy efficiency of your industrial facilities

Do you manage several industrial facilities, in charge of their performance goals in terms of primary energy kWh per end product metric ton (or volume or batch)?
Do you have to supervise the performance of several industrial facilities with a limited number of people, and to justify investment projects? It cannot be easy to obtain and exploit data from multiple sources spread across different plants.

To face these challenges, many industrial managers have put their trust in blu.e to analyze the overall performance of their site portfolio and to set precise targets and quantitative performance diagnostics adapted to each facility.

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When they define the targets and local, national or international energy action plans,

they can run a comparative analysis of the historical performance of all their facilities.


When analyzing each facility’s performance divergence,

they can refer to the up-to-date list of significant operating events and the progress of corrective actions taken.


When a facility needs technical support,

the expert from the industrial division can make a remote diagnosis, with access to all the operating parameters of the facility and to the method for analyzing them.


During management reviews,

they can report on the results and progess made, with online access to consolidated reports for all levels of the organization.


For justifying an investment project,

they can quantify the added value of an investment by modeling its impact on all the operating scenarios of the facility.

quote The industrial manager of a major food group shared his concerns with us: half of the sites were not applying the standards recommended by the firm’s professional expert on drying byproducts for animal feed. This resulted in a very high energy and financial loss.

To secure the application of rules and related performance gains, the manager decided to continuously broadcast in the control room the operating rules for all facilities. He then received a periodic report showing statistics on the application of the rules and the quantification of the associated gains or losses.

The industrial manager has now adopted a new indicator of his plants' convergence on best practices, and shares it with all plant managers. Six months after deploying blu.e, he observed a gain of around 300 k€ related to a 50% to 80% increase in the application of rules.

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